Silent Separation

Blue head and green wings,
A long beak to hold things.
Sitting on a long branch,
She was waiting for March.
A pair of black eyes were silently watching,
Her every single move,
Mesmerized by her astounding beauty.
The red feet walked towards her,
Scaling his tune, to match her groove.
In a croaked voice he said,
“Only a few days to endure,
Then the sun will shine breaking this raining spell.”
Together they waited for the monsoon to end.
Sharing their fears, they became close friends.
One day when they were sleeping on the big branch,
The intense orange rays fell on the river,
Making everything around them look better,
She seized the chance,
Flew hurriedly to collect the straws.
He sat there thinking, how to help her,
One by one the straw stack grew
To bring the best cotton from town, he flew,
Promising himself, that he will make her dream come true.
She kept building her nest with fervor.
Delighted by her progress,
She often broke into dancing,
On his favorite song.
The brown beauty was almost done
Its then, came the fierce storm.
Destroying everything she has built,
Leaving her hanging alone.
When the storm seized,
Shivering among the dead leaves
lay her soulless body.
A silence so strong,
A heart that mourned,
She felt so wronged,
By the one, she always longed.
A flying woodpecker noticed her wretched body,
Dragging the lifeless figure, to his tree.
He thought once she is well, he will set her free.
Little by little her injuries healed,
She started looking towards life with new zeal.
Thanking her saviour,
She bowed at his feet.
The crow saw the ceremony standing at the hole,
Making a silent exit, never explaining his role.

The idea for this poetry came to my mind when I saw this beautiful bird on my solo morning excursion to a lake.

Try to see the small bird with blue head

The bird was quite far from me and I didn’t have the bigger lens to capture its astounding beauty.

Happy Women’s Day Ladies <3

You give her a house, and she gives you a warm fuzzy home.
You give her your support, and she has the courage to the move the mountains.
You give her a cell, and she brings a human into your life.
You give her your trust, and she brings serenity to your life.
If you try to understand her, and she will surely never leave you.
You give her respect, and you will turn into a respectable person in the society.
You give her love, and she will make you the center of her world.
After all, she is a woman, Phenomenally, Phenomenal woman.


Whatever you give her, she return’s it in multitude. So think what you are giving to the women of your life. Not just your partner but your mother, daughter, sister, and grandmother.

Try to give her something that will make her life more beautiful.It could be a long lost apology or a warm hug, or it could be enrolling her in her favorite class or to a course which she wanted to join for so long. It could be re-introducing her to her lost passion. Or it could just be the simple words like I love you or I care for you or I will protect you, or I will support you or I will try to understand you or I will give you more time. I assure you it will make her day. Our Words hold immense power to change anyone’s heart. They are the best gift you can ever give anyone.

So this International Women’s Day give her something that will make her life a tiny bit more beautiful.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the phenomenally  phenomenal women’s out there.

The Path To Glory

path to glory

A small step, on a long staircase

Charming red single rose, adding beauty to the vacant vase.

One stick, adding weight to a faggot.

The house fly, trying to come out of a maggot.

A lone candle, tearing the veil of darkness.

Helping us, in clearing all the past murkiness.

A single stitch, saving the grace.

The last-minute entry, can bring you back in the race.

A little finger to hold on to,

Making a dying relationship, fresh and new.

A colourful bead, can beautify the plain necklace.

Just greet people with a warm embrace.

A new spice, can change the taste.

Do something in this life, it’s not to waste.

That’s how dreams turn into wonderful reality.

Just take a simple step, leaving behind all the vanity.

Limerick Challenge Week 8:Lost

Today is your special day darling,

Hope it is beautiful and charming.

I may be missing from the party,

But you should enjoy your Bacardi

The wish for you is,be the way you are, marveling

This Limerick is dedicated to my best friend, Today its her birthday, I wanted to write something short and sweet ❤ for her.

Because Once in lifetime you get a friend as loyal and as loving as you honey ❤


Three years ago I bought this cake for you on your birthday, here I am once again with this cake without candles, wishing you …….

Happy Birthday sweetheart ❤

Limerick Challenge Week 6:Feral


A feral child adopted by a wolf mother

To the pack of small ones, he became a big brother.

She named him MOWGLI, the FROG.

Surpassing others, he quickly grew up as a top dog.

He was a MAN, different from all other.

This one is for my first love on a man of fictional world. I grew up watching and reading him . I can read  JUNGLE BOOK umpteen times 🙂 yes I recently re read it ;). Every time I read it I feel so much of kinship with my MOWGLI. He was surely my dream man 😀 until I learned that he was a fictional character out of a wonderful book 🙂

So for you MOWGLI

This is in correspondence to Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry challenge for the year 2016, this is my entry for this week’s challenge

Limerick Challenge Week 5: Pain


Pitter-patter, fell the rain drops.

Swaying around, are the green crops.

Taking away all the pain of countryman

So what, if it is only, for short span.

As it is, just like the pleasure of shopping at a slop-shop.

I Know I am very late for submitting my poetry for the challenge, But this was a very hectic week for me , Project release was due this Friday…All the software engineers will understand my difficulty 😛

Any way’s I write these limericks for my improvement so I thought of putting the one I wrote with the given prompt.

This is in correspondence to Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry challenge for the year 2016, this is my entry for this week’s challenge