Monday Musings

In the looming darkness of a winter night, I am sitting on a red brick at the rooftop, wondering about the universe. When I look up at the blackness of the vast sky, a single shining polar star catches my attention. I find it amusing or rather bold that a small star had taken upon himself to shine when the moon had decided to hibernate in a corner until his time arrives. While I am still admiring the polar star’s boldness, I notice a small blinking light in the sky. Then I see another one coming from an opposite direction, and the way they are moving, it feels they will intersect at some point, at least that’s what my understanding of geometry says. What if they meet, and what if they don’t?

Slowly the two lights are moving in a direction where they might collide. I wonder what does a person feels in a crash. Do they get the chance to decipher what happens at that moment? Or is it in a blink the light turns off, and you wake up in the bardo? As if suddenly changing their fate from landing on a place they wanted to be to a place where no one wants to be. Avoiding the collision isn’t that difficult in the sky, yet they keep occurring, not with flights but with other celestial bodies.

While I was sitting on my roof, wondering about a possible collision, somewhere from far off a distance, an asteroid is approaching the planet I am inhabiting right now. Yes, I am not fictionalizing it; yesterday, an asteroid named 2020XK1 of approximately 2-4 meter in size and 30 Magnatitude in height closely approached earth. What should I call it? When I think about a celestial body collision at one part of the planet, in another part of the world precisely at the Mt Lemmon Survey, they find an approaching asteroid. I don’t know about you, I find it interesting, and in a way powerful enough.

When I break away from my musings, I see a stalled flickering light in the sky, and I know that they have taken the precaution to avoid the collision. Now the two blinkings move away in their separate directions taking their awaited customers to their desired destination.

Stranger Things

I don’t remember the number of strangers who have piqued my interest in this life of mine. But for a long time, I was thinking of writing about all the strangers I have met, or I have observed from a distance, thinking about the stories they might be holding inside them. Now, as you can see, I am starting to write with my first account, so I am naming this one stranger as number one on my stranger list.

To The Stranger Number One,

You, nodding your head when I asked, Is this seat vacant.

You, sitting across me with your cup of tea in that white mud-coloured mug.

You, gaping at my maroon coloured Hogwarts sweatshirt.

You, holding your little blue notebook with its crisp blank pages.

You, looking at my old stained book with a slight disinterest.

You, with your green pouch, encasing a bunch of different coloured pens.

You, eyeing my beautiful grey coloured black pictured bookmark.

You, frantically scribbling words in the language that I can’t read, kindling my interest.

You, watching me with the corner of your eyes.

You, wiping your eyes with a bunch of tissues, not sure was it because of sentiments or science.

You, checking my white cup of cappuccino.

You, mindlessly eating from your plate of mashed potatoes and toast, unbeknownst your dish tempted me.

You, scanning my photography skills for my Instagram book post.

You, talking in an unknown language in a video call with a family member or a friend.

You, glancing at my multitasking skills of sipping coffee and reading.

You, lost in your world of words, sometime looking around to catch the right ones from our breaths.

You, staring at the cover of my book and wondering what story it holds.

You might be writing about something where we both existed at the same time.

Or You might be comprehending a parallel world where nothing of this world exists.

Somehow You, perhaps like me, might feel like writing about the stranger across your table.

So, if You do, use your visions freely to paint me on your canvas of white but pick the ink red.

Yours Truly,

The stranger across you

Looking for Alaska

What’s with this chaos of life? Have you ever wondered where it is all taking you? The running like a horse, the pretension of knowing it all, the fake waves of laughter, the fading connections, and working like a mule. And when you pause for breath, you always think, is it worthwhile? All of it, which somehow is taking you a bit away from your soul.

A world where people are throwing reality in your face telling you that all your dreams are an illusion. There is no parallel reality, unlike Murakami’s world, where there are always two truths, where everything becomes a bit bearable in the end. Things do work out in the end.

But here nothing works like it. You, unlike others, wander in the world, sometimes in your created one and sometimes in others. And while you are still hanging between here and there, life somehow keeps moving, without waiting for anyone, and thus time becomes the constant change of your life.

So which world do you reside in, to save a lonely self from suffering? What exactly is the truth? Your truth? Or is it even their a vestige of truth left in this chaotic world. The more people you meet, the more you move towards ennui. Your amorous intensity, bubbling to be engaged, but when you look around, there is no one who entirely utterly believes you.

With little insight of light, you try hard enough to resolve this never-ending conundrum. And with each piece of puzzle occupying its allocated space, you move towards hope from despair. With the change of time being the only constant in the changing world, you keep looking for Alaska.

Let me rant and rave

So here is the thing guys if you don’t want to hear my whining and ranting, you better skip this post. And if you can afford it, then you can make yourself comfortable on my red couch. Now that you have made yourself comfortable, I will continue with my ranting.

Everything was calm and cool till 24th December. I had a surprise waiting for me at my office desk, two goofy awards πŸ˜‰ Guess what these people gave me πŸ˜€ See for yourself πŸ˜‰

Isn’t it pretty πŸ˜‰

I don’t mind them πŸ˜€ after all they look beautiful πŸ˜‰
I am glad I have a high Volume πŸ˜‰ courtesy my father’s genes and all those teenage years spent as a debater πŸ˜€

And yes I like my space and hate it when anyone invades my office space πŸ˜‰ I hate people who take my things without my permission, I don’t mind sharing but at least ask once. I am someone whose desk and drawers are full of stuff from food items to necessary tools like a cutter or a knife. So people often come up to me for opening their online shopping packages πŸ˜› That’s ok, but what about that guy who broke my mug while searching the cutter on my desk and didn’t even apologized 😦 He walked off as nothing happened. Now you can’t blame me for rolling my eyes and calling him out for his mistake. If you think I am wrong, then you are not my kind of person πŸ˜› , and in real life, we could never be friends 😦

As said 24th Dec daytime was all good, we had a half day at the office, and I was home by 1.30 pm πŸ˜› I slept till late evening πŸ˜€ then went out for a run πŸ™‚
But by the time night arrived I realized the slight itching in my throat, and then I watched some mushy stuff, so my messed up body didn’t go down well with my even more messed up mind. I ended up having a severe headache.

Now came 25th December, the Christmas Day, when everyone was busy posting pictures with Christmas tree I was dealing with a running nose, sore throat, and fever 😦 . The worst thing about having the flu is, it doesn’t seem dangerous, people don’t care much when you say you have flu, but in reality, it hurts, I was dragging my body like a dead soul. Now the bigger issue was we had planned deep cleaning at our house that day. Now if you haven’t done that yet, let me tell you it is a lot of work, even if you have hired someone to do it for you. Dragging stuff from one room to another I lost it by the time it was over. The only good thing that happened that day was a cleaned house and a shared cup of tea with my cleaning lady.
At night when I dragged myself to cook dinner, I got a message on WhatsApp from L on G7 wishing us Merry Christmas and where he shared some dialogue from the movie Ghajini, it’s then I decided to the write my Christmas post.

I ended up writing this post by 2 am, which is not a good idea if you are sick and you have to go to the office the next day. With my sleep deprived cold ridden body I reached office and realized half of the people were still on vacation. I must tell you this not a good feeling when you are dragging yourself like a zombie, whole day. Day 2 of cold is much worse than day one its here I start craving for my mommy. Yes, I am a woman, but I can still desire some mommy care. Every time I am sick, I feel like running home and sleeping in my mom’s lap.

I was whining in office, how having flu had sucked the life out of me when one of my colleagues told me that my cold driven voice sounds quite, ahem seductive. I laughed and told him he is not the first guy who has said that to me. My usual voice is high pitched, so when cold captures my body, my voice becomes hoarser, and my style of speaking become more subtle.
By the end of Day 2, I reached home and ordered my husband to make a decoction for both of us, as I was the one who brought medicines from the pharmacy. The poor soul is also suffering from flu 😦 and we still don’t know who brought the virus πŸ˜›

While I was reading my novel and sipping the decoction, my friend G called asking about my new year plans, and I told her that I would be spending time with my family this year. I asked her about her migraine which she reported in the morning on G7, and she asked about my weird voice πŸ˜› See same voice sounds strange to girls πŸ˜‰ I told her about my flu and how D made the decoction for me. She started praising D saying he is the most caring husband she has ever seen and started complaining about her husband, who doesn’t work at all. I had to calm her down and bring this to her notice that D like her husband doesn’t know how to cook πŸ˜€ , so he helps me by doing other small stuff πŸ˜‰

By the time G ended our call, it was time to make dinner. I kept telling D that if I had the broomstick or flu powder, I would have disappeared by now to see mommy dearest. Alas! Life is not that magical, and we are muggles, not wizards 😦

After spending another night coughing and sneezing, I decided to give a call to my dad, this morning. If not physically, I can still be with mom in the virtual world. The funny thing is as soon as Dad picked up the phone, the first thing he said: “You have a cold.” I said “hmmm,” and the next question was “From how many days?”. I knew he would bombard me with questions, so I diverted the topic and asked him about the task that I have assigned him. Now that he has retired, we all give him work πŸ˜› He said: “He hadn’t done it, yet and he will do it, today.” I then asked about Mom, and the next words he said was “She is out to her friend’s party.” I was like whaaaaat?? Why these old women have parties in the daytime πŸ˜› I tell you since my dad has retired, my mom has become a free bird, whenever I call home, half of the time she out somewhere πŸ˜€ leaving my poor dad to take care of the house.It feels like as if she has retired from being our mother πŸ˜€
But I am happy for her too, and it’s from her I learn that it’s never too late to enjoy your life. And I also know that I will keep getting calls from dad and mom until I recover, that’s how parents are, always worrying about their kids.

The day is almost over for me in office, and I will be leaving for home in an hour, will be on vacation till 2nd January. My family members have just arrived at my sister in laws place, and I would be seeing them soon, so I think maybe family time will cure my flu πŸ˜€ . But still, this is not how I wanted to kick off my vacation time 😦

Thats for the day guys, You can go now and enjoy your vacation πŸ˜€ This is probably my last post of the year πŸ˜€ Catch you all, in 2019.

Just adding this last image which speaks my heart out πŸ˜›

That’s me right now 😦



When the darkness lurks around you, wearing its black satin cloak.
Don’t avoid it, don’t ignore it, instead talk to it.
As I do, on the lonely nights when I am afraid of its entry into my white world.

I timidly take steps towards it, offer it a seat, sometimes, only sometimes, I do suggest it a cup of black tea/coffee.
Not because I have to but because I like to calm it down before I start talking about us.As I know our conversation is going to be a long one.
I don’t want it to be snoozing out when I am speaking about my concerns.

While I am thinking all of this, I hear a tap on my window, and I check the giant clock on my wall. It is few minutes late then our appointed time.
I get up and open the window, it jumps in, yes that’s the way it like’s to enter, through the window column.

Before I could ask it to sit down, it bounces on my spread sofa cum bed.
I offer it the cup of black tea, that I have already prepared, this time I want it to like me, hence the black tea, not the coffee.

Holding the teacups, we share a momentarily gaze as if challenging each other to break the awkward silence.
It takes a long sip and pretends to notice the changes in my room from the last visit.
I certainly know that trick, I clear my throat as if I plan to speak but then it looks up and smile.

Ahh…A quizzical smile, sucking up all my thoughts and all that else in my mind.
I force a smile too and try again to concentrate and recollect my thoughts so that I can tell it what I expect it to do.

I am trying hard to recall every single thread that was in my mind before that smile fell upon my face.
While I am still cracking my knuckles, it walks towards the kitchen slab.
Put’s down the teacup in the basin and comes down again to where it belonged, anticipating my next move.

I have lost track of time, and I feel like those blank pages in my diary which I need to fill with my thoughts.
And then a warm hand touches my palm, and my reverie gets broken.
I look up in those dark round black eyes, and they look back in my dark brown ones as if sending some message through rays.

We keep that eye contact for few minutes, but then it removes its hand from my sweating grasp and stands up.
It moves towards the window sill, I too stand up and walk behind it.

It looks down, below the grille, its pitch dark down there.I wait for it to say something but then I remember, few of my lost thoughts.
While I am collecting them to form a sentence, it turns back and looks at me.

This time we both smile simultaneously and I open my mouth to say something…..
But before I could, thud…. it jumps off into the darkness of the alley. I murmur GOODBYE till I see you again.


A New Start With A New Challenge


It’s been long stay without you my friend

And here I am, to put my inhibitions to an end.

Yay!! Finally almost after month of break, I am back to WordPress πŸ™‚ taking up this challenge.Hoping to make big entry πŸ˜€

So all the lazy fellas out there please sign up for this challenge , if you want to come out of the shackles of writer’s block πŸ˜› Because for me this one was like savior, as it’s said “A drowning man will clutch at a straw.”

I will hold to this challenge until I am come out of my comfort zone.

Here is the link if you want to sign up for this challenge.

A-Z CHALLENGE: sign upΒ 

So few things for the people who are going to read up by blogs for this challenge πŸ™‚

My theme for this challenge would be RANDOM MEMOIRS ….it would be like the first word that comes to my memory with the given alphabet of the day πŸ˜‰ I will share memory attached to it πŸ™‚



I will try to make them as short as possible and entertaining so that you could read as many blogs as possible.

Lastly I would love feedback (in form of comments) from everyone who would be reading me πŸ™‚ So just don’t hit the like button πŸ˜‰ do put a comment too πŸ˜› I will appreciate your efforts ❀

So , All the best everyone whoever is participating πŸ˜€ See you tomorrow guys πŸ˜‰