The if’s and why’s of writing book reviews.

Let' sRead, and share what we read.

Dear Readers,

Welcome to this blog post. If you are my follower, then you must have noticed by now my new addiction to writing colorful short book reviews posts. So if you are thinking why suddenly I started doing book reviews instead of writing literary blogs, you need to read this out.

Anyone who knows me through this blog or is my regular reader knows my self-professed love for books. I can’t live without reading; I read every single day of the year. Sometimes ten pages only, but I still do it anyway. It’s like those guys who drink a pint of whiskey every single day before going to sleep 😀

Here are my if’s and why’s behind book reviews.

  • I read a lot of books, and often people ask me to recommend them some book, which is the very tough question to answer if you don’t have any favorite genre. So, to resolve this dilemma, I decided to start writing my book reviews for each book that I read so that I can recommend them few books and ask them to look into my short book review posts and chose the one they find appropriate as per their liking.


  • Secondly, I joined Instagram and created an account for my blog, where I wanted to promote my writings. If you use Instagram then you know it’s all about pictures. Hence, I started my poetries and especially book reviews in the form of a picture postcard, which makes it more representable and readable.


  • Now the most important one is I wanted to preserve my feeling regarding each book that I read, which are at its peak when you have just finished the book. I thought of keeping it as a reminder that this what I felt when I read it for the first time. Maybe if in future I decide to re-read it, I can track the changes in my feelings. As it often happens when you grow old, your perspective of things tends to make a shift from the original.


  • As to why I write only short reviews not an elaborated one like other book reviewers do. The main reason is I want to offer the glimpse of the book not the plot and contents of the book. The general detailed reviews tend to give much more information that is required by a reader. I never read a book review until I read a book, I just check their Goodreads rating and a little synopsis of it. My book reviews are intended for people like me who just want a little sneak-peek of the book so that they can decide whether they wish to read it or not.


  • Lastly, book reviews are excellent ice breaker’s, there may be people whom you would be following for so long on your blog, but you never tried communicating with them. But one day you see they have shared a review of one of your favorite books or a book review of one your favorite author’s on their blog. Then you can’t resist the temptation of discussing that book or author with them.

In short, I want more book readers to come forward and discuss books and authors with me 🙂

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PPS: Your feedback on my new short book reviews is most welcome. Please share it with me. Maybe you can help me with your input, or perhaps this can be the start of another beautiful blogging friendship.