This, too, shall pass !!

Seated up from my place,

I see,

The undying spirit of a human heart.

In the present world of

Deserted streets and closed doors,

I see,

An huffing old man,

Pushing a broken car,

And a young man,

Running to his aid,

Like a shining star.


I see,

Men caged inside his own hole.

Yet spreading hope,

By sharing,

His garden views,

To important news.

Masking their emotions,

I see,

Them doing a lot,

From feeding,

Thousand hungry mouths,


Curing lakhs,

Even with their

Own exhausted hearts.

In human tongue,

They say,

Time heals everything,


As time,

Is constantly bestowed,

By the human will

To escape

The tethering. 

For the grieving hearts,

And broken souls,

I say,

Always remember,

Change is the only constant of life,

So believe,

When I say,

This, too shall, pass away.