You ask me, “How are you” as a pleasantry, not as a question.

The question I answer with only a few syllables.

I say I am fine, but sometimes out of the prettiness of the weather, I might end up saying, I am good.

You never intend to ask, and I never mean to reveal the truth hidden behind the veil of smiles.

With time I have hushed the voices, hidden deep inside my head.

Instead, I have become a silent observer, like you, watching the tides of my emotion.

I am silently learning to burn the fierce fires of my belly.

I am silently befriending, the silence.

Letting my silences do the wonders that my words could not.

Alas! That’s the irony of being human; we need words for everything.

Words for our simple joys,

To our mundane sorrows.

Words to read the intricacy of someone’s heart,

To the conundrum of their mind.

How great it would have been, if we could read each other’s silences.

And if we could, the world would not have existed, as it exists.

Because if we could, you might see that,

It’s the silhouette of darkness, that watches over me.

It’s the soft hand of night breeze that caresses my hair.

The stillness of the moon that holds me in its care.

The chirpiness of the birds which bring me joy,

The glory of the sun that brightens up my day.

It’s the nature that holds me intact, not you.

So, this time, I silently choose, Silence over words, to pierce through your soul.

March Madness

March you made me feel seventeen again.
The month started with the trepidation of upcoming days,
Just like then where I feared about my last exams of school life,
This time the fear was different, but the jitters were the same,
I was seventeen again.
This March had tears too,
Just like then where I cried for the end of my school life.
The melody of life was jumbled up, and the future looked blurred,
I felt like a fool for being seventeen again.

I was reading Harry Potter then too,
And I read Harry Potter in this March also,
Cause I was reliving my seventeenth year unbeknownst to myself.

I was trying hard to conceal the darkness inside me
Shoving away the lurking shadows in the boxes of my concealed past.

This March I laughed a bit too, at silly things,
the funny cats and dog memes,

It was the night that brought with it, the stillness of my life.
I craved some moments to last forever,
Even though I knew there is nothing like forever,
But what can I say, after all, I was seventeen again.
The beauty of seventeen is, it has hope packed with layers of disappointment,
Whereas now, I need to search for light within.
This march I felt seventeen again,
With highs as high as hurricane high,
Lows as low as Mariana Trench.
The only difference,
Between then and now is,
The intensity of emotions,
The Mt Kilimanjaro of then became Mt Everest of now.
So this how my march begin,
and will end,
by being seventeen again.

Picture and Words

Some crave mountains,

Others love beaches

None of these are for me

Because I have thing for rivers and trees.

I clicked this picture on a weekend near a lake and while I was sitting by the lakeside, these lines came to me and I wrote them on my notes app. Then yesterday I happen to share this image and quote on my Instagram page. I didn’t thought of sharing it here, but in morning while having my breakfast on my office desk and simultaneously browsing through my Instagram, I saw my school friend’s comment saying that she will be sharing my quote on her page, giving me the due credit. She is trekker and nature enthusiast. I thought when others are sharing my work then why shouldn’t I share it here on my blog. After all, these are my words 😉 Now why I love forest and rivers, is a story for some other day, that I will share some other time.

Happy Women’s Day Ladies <3

You give her a house, and she gives you a warm fuzzy home.
You give her your support, and she has the courage to the move the mountains.
You give her a cell, and she brings a human into your life.
You give her your trust, and she brings serenity to your life.
If you try to understand her, and she will surely never leave you.
You give her respect, and you will turn into a respectable person in the society.
You give her love, and she will make you the center of her world.
After all, she is a woman, Phenomenally, Phenomenal woman.


Whatever you give her, she return’s it in multitude. So think what you are giving to the women of your life. Not just your partner but your mother, daughter, sister, and grandmother.

Try to give her something that will make her life more beautiful.It could be a long lost apology or a warm hug, or it could be enrolling her in her favorite class or to a course which she wanted to join for so long. It could be re-introducing her to her lost passion. Or it could just be the simple words like I love you or I care for you or I will protect you, or I will support you or I will try to understand you or I will give you more time. I assure you it will make her day. Our Words hold immense power to change anyone’s heart. They are the best gift you can ever give anyone.

So this International Women’s Day give her something that will make her life a tiny bit more beautiful.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the phenomenally  phenomenal women’s out there.

Oblomov’s sofa: Day 15 of A-Z Challenge


It’s only words
And words are all I have
To take your heart away

I first encountered this term Oblomov’s when I read the wonderful blog by Shikha.

Oblomov is a man who prefers to live his life by lying on his sofa all day. He feels this is the only way he can preserve his “peace and human dignity”. In Shikha’s blog she beautifully stated what Oblomov’s mean  in detail and why she named her blog the same.



Today my story is no pretty tale of childhood, it’s my adult experience which brought me here on WP.

I was already writing once in a while on my blog but I never got the right kind of audience neither I was getting the much needed push to motivate me for the same.

I discussed this with one of my friend who suggested me to create my WP blog account. I accepted the suggestion but procrastination kept me away from doing so. Sometimes you know that there is no escape but still you keep running from it. I was doing the same until I reached Oblomov’s sofa.My search for her led me to my first TOI article in India’s leading newspaper.

The article that touched me was named the diary of nobody which talked about leaving a legacy behind even if we die today. The girl knew she would die soon and she didn’t have a child as a legacy so the only legacy she could leave was her words and thus she was creating it.

And that led me to think even if I never get published but still I will have these few blogs, these few words of mine that I can leave behind when I leave this world.

Because words are forever and they never leave this world.

This my attempt for the Fifteenth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 15:O(alphabet)