Writerly things…

Some days are just disappointing as a writer, and you will have to accept these days when nothing comes out of you. There will be thoughts, maybe too many of them or only one, but they won’t strike you hard, and you will be left with a blank paper. And on those days you will have to accept that writing too needs patience. A lot of patience, first to think, then to unleash those thoughts on paper, then to edit that work a thousand times, before it becomes publishable. You as a writer try to cling to your work until it reaches the intended readers. But just as a drop freely falling in the ocean, your story too falls in the pool of other published stories. You become one with other writers and their work. Yet we know some drop fills the empty shells with pearls while others just remain as water drops. So, so many factors will decide what becomes of you. But then why do we write or should we write? 

The journey begins with the craving to create something of your own. Imagine millions of words floating in the wide universe. You sit on your desk, and slowly pick these words one by one and gently thread them together into beautiful jewelry pieces. Sometimes some patterns will not make sense and you will have to remove a few or all of them from the thread and start anew. While other times while in making you will realize that the design is taking a new shape, very different from what you intended, and you let it be. It’s then the magic of storytelling begins, when a story starts moving you instead of you moving it. The writing becomes instinctive, only the thread basics remain constant. It is for this very moment where you are fully immersed in the act, not worrying about the what-ifs, that you write or should write. 

I think our writing just like us evolves over the period. A lot of it has to do with the outer world. The world around us changes, and slowly this outer change seeps deep within and we start changing first subtly but then evolutionarily. The evolutionary changes shift the lens of our inner eye, And these changes of our inner self are reflected in our writing. Isn’t the main aspect of human life is to evolve every single day? Each day should bring something new in you, beautiful, ugly whatever it may be but it should lead you towards a better version of yourself. Our writings are reflections to our soul. A writer has to be truest to oneself when writing, otherwise, you are no longer serving the very purpose of writing. It is for this you write or should write. 

Like a wallflower you listen to the humdrums of the world. You soak all that surrounds you and slowly in the form of a fictional world you unreel the real world. You warmly showcase the truth, and give voice to voiceless or the misheard ones. In your own way you are able to touch the lives of those who can decipher the truth from your writing. By writing you bring focus to the unseen and the invisible ones. And this act of yours might give them the courage to have a voice of their own. So there might come a moment when someone would walk up to you with a copy of your story and say “Your words healed me” and it is for this you write or should write.

They say not everyone can write and be a writer. And I say they are not fully correct, everyone can write and be a writer only if the reasons to pursue are well framed and correct.

3 years of blogging with WordPress


I have been blogging for three years, but I wasn’t regularly blogging. In my initial 1.5 years, I wrote a lot of blogs and made many new friends on WP. But as time passed by, the blogging time reduced. But what gave me the shock was my WP performance in the year 2017 where throughout the year I just wrote six blogs in total. That means 1 one blog per two months, which is such a bad thing for a writer. That’s why this new year I took the New Year resolution to write more often. I use to tell myself always that its always quality over quantity. It became my all-time justification for my laziness. But as time passed by, I realized that due to my irregularity my quality of work is also reducing. The work that earlier I was able to write in two days was taking a month to shape up.

So I decided that it may be two lines or four lines, but it has to be constant work. One of the biggest reason for writing book reviews is also that, to write more often. As I read regularly, a book review is something which has brought me to constant writing. My reviews are short, but at least it’s better to not write at all than to write a bit. It becomes tough to keep writing with a regular job. Hats off to all of you who do it 🙂

So today I would like to thank all my followers and blogger friends for being part of my journey. For always being there for me 🙂 and most importantly motivating me to write more. You all are an inspiration to me 🙂

Sometime journey is more beautiful and memorbale than destinationThank you, everyone, who reads my stuff 🙂 I hope to keep writing for a long, long time 🙂

PS: All of you, Keep bleeding the pages of your beautiful notebook with your pen’s might.