My Wish List

I was having a discussion with an old friend when the topic of bucket list came, where I realized I have stopped making plans or stopped making plans on paper over the period. But somehow I haven’t stopped dreaming about things, things I would like to do someday. And I realized that dreamer inside me hadn’t died yet and I had a Bucket List all along in my head. So I thought why not put this dream list or most people often called as Bucket List here on my Blog as a page. I will also add a bit of trivia about these wishes here for my and your sake. So that when in future I look at my list I should know from where the idea of this fascination came.

As Walt Disney says “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

  • To learn contemporary or freestyle of dancing.
    • Trivia: I love dancing, but I stopped dancing sometime after getting married, I forgot how the simple act of it made me alive until recently, where I got back to it again. Learning a dance form was always on my list as I am not a trained dancer, I choose contemporary and freestyle as I feel that this dance form will help me in connecting with my inner self. Moreover, I think I will learn it pretty fast.
  • To watch a broadway and a standup in NewYork city.
    • Trivia: I was always fascinated by NewYork city and hearing about the culture of Broadway and standups, I want to do it in the city where this is most famous.
  • To watch an opera in the Royal Opera House, London.
    • Trivia: I have heard that an opera has the power to move you to tears, and it is one of the oldest forms of musical art, and to witness it would be so great.
  • To watch an English Play.
    • Trivia: A long-lost desire since I played my first ever role in a school play when I was 11.
  • To visit world famous Libraries specially the Vatican library. Check these out here, aren’t you tempted 😉
    • Trivia: After reading so much of Dan Brown, I need to check Vatican Library.
  • To visit Istanbul some day and see both Asian and European side of it. And enjoy the full view of the Bosphorus river.
    • Trivia: This comes after reading the memoir of Orhan Pamuk: Istanbul Memories and the city.
  • To visit Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam.
    • Trivia: Comes from reading The Diary of Anne Frank and seeing her house in the movie The Fault in our Stars.
  • Learn how to play Piano
    • Trivia: I started listening to Beethoven rigorously around a year back, and I realized how much power a single instrument can hold, and I remember being moved to tears while listening to Symphony 5.
  • Learn how to swim: So that I can go for snorkeling and scuba diving and finally be part of triathlon.
  • Learn how to drive: My dream is to drive a red open convertible by the countryside.
  • I wish to go for skydiving someday.
    • Trivia: I did parasailing a few years back I loved the experience of being in the sky, feeling like a bird and watching the world from up above there. Now I wish to free float in the sky through diving.
  • I would love to meet my favorite authors Jhumpa Lahiri, Haruki Murakami, and Orphan Pamuk someday.
    • Trivia: These are the three living authors whose work has moved me tremendously again and again.
  • I wish to run a marathon and a triathlon someday.
    • Trivia: I have started running, but the plan to do above two is in the next ten years or so. I am in no hurry. Though the earlier, the better.
  • I wish to perform in a poetry slam some day. Started my YouTube channel for Spoken Word.
    • Trivia: It been long on the list but I would love to recite my poetry in front of an audience.
  • I would love to go cycling in Paris someday. I think this comes from watching some movie which I don’t remember now.
  • To own a white cat some day. I am a cat lover.
  • I wish to have my library someday, how small it may be but the idea to have space which talks about my choices of books fascinates me to the core.
  • To go camping in the forest by the riverside.
    • Trivia: I have done camping by the riverside but not in the forest. I would love to combine my two favorites forests and rivers.
  • To have a small house of wood in the forest by the lake or the river.
  • To go on a euro trip for at least a month explore as many countries as I can.
  • To learn the French language. Working on it right now, started learning it from Duolingo and its been more than 120 days.
    • Trivia: I started learning it in 2013 but left it in starting itself, would love to continue where I left it.
  • To see Peach Blossoms in full bloom either in China or Japan.
  • To be in an infinity pool and enjoy the view with a glass of beautiful mocktail.
  • To go on a solo trip for a few days, anywhere.
  • To attend a photography workshop someday to enhance my photography skills and give wings to my love for photography.
  • To visit Disneyland, I think there is no age bar for visiting it 😉
  • To spend a summer in some stranger’s house who is part of a different world from me and form a connection.
  • To see a penguin in real life.
    • Trivia: I love penguins after I watched Happy Feet.
  • I wish to see snowfall, someday.
    • Trivia: I have seen the snow after its fallen but not falling snowflakes. My love for snow was enhanced after reading The Snow by Orhan Phamuk.
  • I wish to see a tulip garden someday.
    • Trivia: I love tulips and orchids more than roses, but I always end up receiving roses 😛
  • I wish to attend a yacht party on a white yacht wearing a long beautiful gown.
  • Go on gondola ride at night in Venice.
  • Visit a art gallery and understand the work of the artist. Visited one in Toronto and loved the experience.
  • Go on Machu-Picchu trek.
  • To stay in a Shikara on Daal Lake in Kashmir.
    • Trivia: Motivated me from movie Mission Kashmir and this song
  • To watch sunrise on a beach
    • Trivia : I have seen sunrise and sunset on hills . And sunset on beach but I read somewhere watching sunrise on a beach is like commune with God.
  • To watch Roger Federer play, someday. I won’t mind seeing him play even after he has retired.
  • To watch a tennis match on centre court, Wimbledon.
  • To cut my hair short, a Bob or blunt cut. Did it in June 2019 and since then loving the short hair.
  • To sleep on snow 😀
    • Trivia: Comes from movie The Eternal Sunshine 😉
  • To live in a igloo.
  • To see Northern Lights in Iceland 🙂
  • Visit Banf, Canada
    • Trivia: My family visited it sometime back and I heard amazing stories about its beauty. Want to see it with my naked eyes.
  • Dance in rain 😀
    • Trivia : I did this alot when I was a kid, but need to do it as an adult now 😀
  • Need to see a meteor shower probably in china 🙂
    • Trivia : Watching Chinese drama , these guys show lot of Meteor shower alot in their shows.
  • Attend a musical festival or a concert.
  • Go and see -> Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.
  • Visit Oxford university and roam inside the campus.
    • Trivia : Comes from watching too many BBC series 😉 and reading English novels.
  • To buy a telescope and do star gazing as per my will 😀
  • Donate my organs.
  • Volunteer and spend quality time in an orphanage and old age home.

PS: I have most of the items on my bucket here but it already 3.15 am here and I can’t think more right now 😛 So I might update this list as and when the new wishes strikes my head. And strike the ones when they are done and dusted 😀

4 thoughts on “My Wish List

  1. “To have a small house of wood in the forest by the lake or the river” – That’s my number one.
    I live in NYC, but I’ve never been to a Broadway show and I love dancing in the rain. There’s something so magical and enchanting about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ha ha 😀 isn’t it amazing to have a wooden cabin in amidst natural beauty with our favorite books and our writing ❤ . I have heard so much about Broadways that I want to see it for sure, and if you get the chance do see it 😉 before you move out to some other city 🙂 Rains have their charm, a beauty that makes you happy and nostalgic at the same time 🙂 I wrote a poem long time ago on Rain , check it out 🙂 Thank you for reading this list 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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