Peeking into Gentlemen’s World Part-2


As we already know that Wimbledon got over last weekend and Novak Djokovic became the Winner for the fourth time, I had something to talk about it. I didn’t watch the final, just saw the snippet of the best shots and the award ceremony.

This post is not about the winner but instead about another great player who didn’t reach the final but won my heart, Rafal Nadal. I watched only the last two sets of the semi-final between Novak and Rafa, on Saturday 14th. Actually, the semi-final began on Friday 13th but got halted due to Wimbledon’s 11 pm curfew time after Djokovic had saved three set points in a gripping third-set tiebreak to move one set ahead. The timings were pretty late for IST zone people. My husband and I were disappointed by missing this opportunity of watching the two best players face each other 52nd time. But all was not lost, as we woke up on Saturday with this news of the game halt. Voila, here we were watching the Saturday game which begins with the following score:

  • Nadal 4,6,6
    Djokovic’s 6,3,7.

The 4th set was terrific, bringing Nadal on equal terms with Djokovic with each of them having two sets each in their baskets. And the highlight of that set was Djokovic’s frustration by angrily smashing his racket into his shoe when Nadal won the fourth set due to his forehand error.

This scene surprised me a lot, as I have never seen Djokovic that way before. While on the other hand, Nadal was comfortable in his situation. Of course, it was a very tough match, and the stakes were a bit higher for Djokovic as he hasn’t won any Grand Slam in the last two years. Moreover, his ATP rankings have slipped from the top three players to No 12. So yes, the situation was pretty bad for him but losing control like that wasn’t a good idea. He was very aggressive throughout this Wimbledon series. In fact, in his quarter-final, he had a scene with the chair umpire.


I have seen very few matches of Nadal, so I never noticed much of his behavior on-court. But on Saturday when I saw him playing, I noticed that he played every single shot with such precision. Every time he missed his mark and Djokovic got the point, he felt bad, but there was no aggression or anger on his face. It felt like for him playing a great match matters more than anything. For me, he was the true gentleman of the game.


I know maintaining calmness in such tense situations is not a cup of everyone’s tea. Some people have a high patience level since birth and some work towards it. This one of the most required quality in today’s time. Because you may win a game or two, but you never win people’s heart. Like Boris Becker said in his commentary “Djokovic knows that people love Federer and Nadal, and respect him, he wants to win their love too.”
No one started loving them overnight, and they have earned every bit of that love.

If you want to earn respect be good at what you do, be sincere, people will respect you but if you want someone to love you, show your heart <3.

“Never forget the earth beneath you, even when you’re flying high.”

PS: You can’t forget this little munchkin who absolutely stole the show and hearts of people.



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