What about the what if's,
That exists in your mind and heart.
The mind can still rationalize it,
but what about this heart of yours,
which thinks of all the probabilities
that could have changed the course.
The what if that makes you think,
that all the pain you have endured,
could have become the peach blossoms of bliss.
But it doesn't happen that way.
And you are left with the what if again.
The tears of loss that you shed now,
could have become the pearls of joy,
Alas, it didn't go your way.
People say time heals everything,
but what if it doesn't,
and you are left with another what if again.
There are things you can't undo,
like the threads which once get untangled
Are hard to be loosened again.
Or to find the pair of fingers
that fits perfectly in your hand.
What if, if you never get over with this what if,
then what will you do,
with this pain-ridden heart of yours.
As the night darkens its mood,
bringing a strange kind of loneliness in your heart,
you think about the chaos that these
what if's are causing.
Making your wrenching heart go numb,
turning you into a person so dumb,
making you wonder about
the what if's of the what if's.

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