Weekly Limerick Challenge 12 : Free Flowing!

Her mother often said, “You have beautiful artistic fingers”.

Time had flown by, but those words, in her mind, still lingers.

Since then, she has taken umpteen roles.

Adding different layers to her soul.

Now she is a lady donning black hat with colorful hidden feathers.

Yesterday while doing my dishes, my eyes fell on my kitchen’s wall and I noticed my finger-prints there 🙂

This is my hand print on my kitchen wall 🙂

And I recalled how mother use to say that I have long beautiful fingers just like an artist. I don’t know whether I am an artist or not ..but yes these fingers do my most important things . Typing code for my job (I am a Software Engineer by profession 😉 )  and Typing for my passion(I am a Writer by passion 😉 )

Below are my two most beautiful finger-print pictures 🙂

My Bridal hands giving their first hand-prints at my new home 🙂
Giving my hand print at my front door in my new e 🙂
My finger print impression at my main door 🙂

This is my entry for this week’s Limerick Challenge created my Rashmi

31 thoughts on “Weekly Limerick Challenge 12 : Free Flowing!

  1. Happy New Year, Neerja Di ❤ 😍💋 And this one was a beautiful Limerick. Yep, aunty is right 🙂 You are an artist. Your fingers are proof for that ❤ They're so pretty. I have long fingers too but I don't think they're shapely like yours 😀 I always wonder where I got their eccentric model from, especially on my right hand 😀

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  2. NJ, I can see where you get being so adorable from…your mom ❤ Yes you have beautiful long fingers, I love the images here 🙂 I have long fingers too and was told to play the piano so I did…for awhile 😉 You should try it too 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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